How Do I Change Stereo To Mono In FL Studio?

Mono sounds good on all speakers. But how do you make sounds fully or partially mono in FL Studio? Follow these steps.

If you want to make professional sounding audio mixes in FL Studio? Then it’s best to use mono a lot.

With mono, audio sounds equally loud on the left and right speaker. And it doesn’t matter where the listener sits or stands in the room. Your track sounds solid.

In FL Studio you can easily make sounds completely or partially mono. Here’s how it works.

Make sounds mono with the Stereo Separation Knob in FL Studio.

In FL Studio’s mixer, there is a Stereo Separation Knob for each mixer channel. Activate it like this.

Activate the Stereo Separation Knob in FL Studio.

Now you’ll see a rotary knob under the volume slider. Do you turn it all the way to the right? Then the audio is completely mono. There is no difference between the left and right channel.

Stereo Seperatio Buttons in FL Studio.

Now when you send a sound to a mixer channel, you can use the Stereo Separation Knob of that channel.

Turn a knob all the way to the right, to convert a stereo sound to mono.

Which sounds do you want to make mono in your mix?

Are you making a mix with only mono sounds? Then your track sounds solid on every speaker, but also boring and not very sexy. Therefore, strategically combine stereo and mono sounds.

For dance, it is always smart to make your kick mono. Then it always sounds good on the dance floor. Experiment with other percussion sounds.

Bass can be partially mono. Or combine a low-end bass line in mono with a midrange bass line in stereo. Then your low-end sounds rock solid with the kick and sub bass. And the mid-bass provides the flavor.

Vocals are by definition mono. If you record them accidentally in stereo, you can convert them to mono a well.

“For EDM, it is always smart to make your kick mono. Then it always sounds good and punchy on the dance floor.”

Finally, switch mono and stereo regularly during the mixing process. And make sure your mix also sounds good in mono and stereo. This way everyone can enjoy your track under all circumstances.

TrackControl great free plugin for making sounds mono or wider.

TrackControl great free plugin for making sounds mono or wider

Does a stereo sound not fit well in the mix? Then you can use DMGAudio Trackcontrol as well to make it mono. Just use the Widht-slider and listen how it sounds.

When you set the Width-slider over 100%, the signal sounds wider. It’s a great effect, but always double check how it sounds in mono. Use the Stereo Seperation Knob on the Master Channel for the check.

Happy producing!

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