How Does A Limiter Work?

A limiter works like a compressor with a ratio of oo : 1 and a very short attack time. As a result, it cannot clip. But there are pitfalls. 

Do you want to make sound louder? Then you can use a compressor and limiter, among other things. 

A limiter works like a compressor with a super short attack time and a ratio of oo : 1. You can therefore make audio very loud, without it clipping. But it’s just harder than it looks.

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TDR Limiter 6 GE is a great sounding limiter, and much more.

Watch out for distortion when limiting #

Because of the short attack time, the limiter reacts immediately And cuts the signal so fast that distortion may occur. This sounds ugly and tiring. 

Distortion on a limiter can be counteracted by increasing the attack time. 

Also, many limiter plugins allow you to use a look-ahead function. This allows the limiter to ‘look in the future’ and react to peaks before they occur. 

Look-ahead in Fabfilter Pro-Limiter.

Look ahead on limiter creates pumping effect #

The look-ahead function does often cause audible ‘pumping’. And the sound is less snappy. So it doesn’t always work. 

An alternative for ahead is a clipper. With a clipper, you cut off peaks immediately. It doesn’t always work, but if you use it subtly, it can sound more transparent than limiting. 

Use a clipper for short peaks #

In some limiters there is both a look ahead and clipper option. The clipper can be used for short peaks and the look-ahead limiter for longer peaks. 

An example of a limiter with clipper is TDR Limiter 6 GE from Tokyo Dawn Labs. Check it out, because it really sounds great.

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