What Is Sound?

Sound is moving air. But not all air that moves is sound. You can’t hear wind, for example, until it hits something. So what is sound then?

What is sound?

Sound consists of moving waves #

When the vibrating surface of a speaker (cone) moves forward, it compresses the air in front of it. The air pressure there rises. And like a spring, the air pressure expands again, compressing the air next to it, and expands again.

The energy is passed through the air and eventually reaches your ears. As the cone moves back and forth, the air pressure in front of it is alternately high and low. So sound consists of moving waves of high and low pressure.

Sound is expressed in Decibels and Hertz #

The more air pressure moved, the louder the sound becomes. This is expressed in decibels (dB).

The loudest sound is 194 decibels, then all the air molecules are compressed.

The speed at which the high and low pressures alternate determines whether a sound sounds high or low. This speed of vibration, or frequency, is expressed in hertz (Hz): the number of vibrations per second.

Deep bass sounds are below 100 Hz, shrill beeps above 8,000 Hz.

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Use equalizing for sculpting sound #

EQ plugins allow you to adjust sound. They work like a kind of audio mixer.

With EQ you choose a frequency that you want to edit. Then you can increase or decrease the number of Hz of this frequency.

Thanks to EQ you can filter annoying clicks out of sounds. And make sounds work better together in a busy mix.

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