Inspiring: Experiment With Fruity Keyboard Controller [FL Studio]

With the Fruity Keyboard Controller in FL Studio you can creatively automate VSTs. But how do you set up the plugin? Check this how to.

In all popular DAWs you can automate instruments and effects with lines. That works well, but it is not that precise. Certainly not if you want to edit individual notes with effects.

FL Studio has a smart solution for automating VST instruments and effects more precisely: Fruity Keyboard Controller. Setting up the plug-in is only a bit tricky. That’s why I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Prefer the video version? Watch it here.

This is how you set-up Fruity Keyboard Controller in FL Studio

Automating parameters in FL Studio; with the Keyboard Controller is easy, if you know how to activate the plug-in. This is how it works.

Step 1. Insert a VST (for instance Flex), select a patch and program a note or chord.

Step 2. Insert Fruity Keyboard Controller.

Step 3. Link a knob or slider to Fruity Keyboard Controller (right mouse button > Link to controller). In this case I link the Cutoff-filter.

Step 4. Select ‘Fruity Keyboard Controller – Note’ and click on Accept.

Step 5. Now the cutoff-filter is connected to the Keyboard Controller. The next step is programming a few notes in the Keyboard Controller. Program them in the range C4/B5 and play the pattern. Instant movement!

Optional. You can connect more settings of your VST-synth to the Keyboard Controller. For instance Reverb Mix Level. In that case make sure the ‘Remove Conflicts’ button isn’t active. Otherwise it will remove the connection to the cutoff filter.

Play around with the settings under ‘Mapping formula’ as well and come up with some fresh ideas. Good luck!

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