How Do You Make Tech House In FL Studio? [Quick & Easy]

Making tech house in FL Studio is easier than you think. With the right samples and smart programming you can create your own funky beats.

Step 1. Good samples are essential for a successful end result. The samples used in this tutorial come from a paid sample pack. Start with a simple kick and clap pattern.

Step 2. Now we’ll insert a simple hihat pattern. I use 2 hihats, on the off beat. One clean hat, panned a little to the left. And a hihat sample with some grid, panned to the right.

Step 3. It’s time to add some groove with another closed hihat. Program a simple pattern in the step sequencer. Then open the notes in the Piano Roll (right mouse button > piano roll) and set the grid to none. Drag and drop the note manually to create the rhythm.

Step 4. Repeat step 3, but now with a funky and bouncing snare sound. Try to create some interaction between the hats and the snare as well. Then you hold the attention of listeners.

Step 5. I’ve programmed an extra cowbell and shaker with Fruity FPC. Then I put a reverb on this channel and automated this, for some movement in the sound.

Final result. With a bassline loop and a vocal sample the loop sounds like this. And although it isn’t perfect yet, it already grooves quite nice.

Tech House in FL Studio? Forget the grid!

Do you program notes in a DAW? Then they often sound too tight and too perfect. Therefore, play with rhythm, velocity and note lengths.

In FL Studio you can turn off the Grid by setting it to (none) in the Piano Roll. Do this and drag the notes patiently into the perfect place. Then your beats will come to life and your Tech House really starts to groove.

Try it yourself and don’t forget… make unique and creative music!

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