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Hi there music lover,

My name  is Rutger Steenbergen, aka De Facto. I’m a dutch melodic techno producer and I’ve been making electronic music for 21 years now. In the past with hardware and nowadays completely with VST’s.

I’ve always loved electronic music and I started my musical career with a Roland MC-303 and Yamaha CS1x.

When I was 18 I sent a demo to a publisher. They thought it sounded crappy, but were enthusiastic about my melodies. That’s why they had a song remixed and released it under my name (Bombario). The track is still on YouTube.

Way too hard on myself

After the first success I wanted more. And that’s where it went wrong. I was way too hard on myself and didn’t think anything was good enough. As a result I didn’t send demos ever since. Till I decided it was enough.  

“I was way too hard on myself and didn’t send demos for 15 years.

I gave it a final try, pushed myself to the limit  and sent an ultimate demo to a French techno label. They were immediately enthusiastic and since then I’m on fire. I produce 1 or 2 tracks each month, and they are all released. I made my dream come true!

Make your dreams come true

On DAWProducer.com I share my knowledge about making electronic music.
So that you release tracks faster, better and more easily. And make your dream come true as well. 

Good luck composing and do you have any questions? Let me know!
I’d really like to help you.

With kind regards,

Rutger Steenbergen
De facto

P.S. DAWProducer.com is completely free. In order to cover the costs, some links on the website are affiliate links. Clicking these and making a purchase will directly support me. So you make me very happy if you do so. 😀 Many thanks in advance!

P.P.S. Listen to my music on Spotify

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