What Is Melodic Techno?

To an outsider, all dance genres sound the same. But there are definitely big differences. What is melodic techno, and how do you recognize this style?

Melodic ánd techno is not the most logical combination. Techno is much more about beats than melody. Yet both styles seem to combine very well.

Melodies and chord progressions play an important role in melodic techno and melodic house. Melodies are often played as an arpeggio.

💡 What is an arpeggio?
An arpeggio is a broken chord, whose notes are played not at the same time, but one after the other. This gives a bouncy effect, and makes your track sound fast and melodic.

You probably know arpeggios from trance music. In the breakdown, you often hear bombastic strings and violins. Then a synth lead takes over the chord progression as an arpeggio, and the track builds up again.

Many similarities between progressive house and melodic techno

Melodic techno also leans heavily on progressive house. This movement is more beat-oriented and often uses a house structure, with a clear build-up and break.

Another characteristic of melodic techno is the influence of film music. Orchestral instruments such as violins, piano and horns are often heard in tracks.

Listen to ‘Serein’ with orchestral break

As De Facto I release melodic techno tracks at Teoxane Production. In ‘Serein’ you can clearly hear influences from classical music and film scores.

Tempo melodic techno

The tempo of melodic techno usually fluctuates between 120 and 124 bpm. This is relatively slow when compared to EDM, which is often 128 bpm.

What are popular melodic techno producers?

Well known Melodic Techno artists are Lane 8, Boris Brejcha, N’to, Worakls and Joachim Pastor. But with De Facto, let me not forget myself either 😁

Melodic techno is all about feelings, melody and emotions

In summary, melodic techno contains elements of progressive house, deep house, techno and even trance. And the genre is mainly about feeling, melody and emotion.

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